Cannabis Banking For Less

We’re changing the industry for the better — saving cannabis-related businesses thousands each month in fees, while offering the most reliable banking relationships available

Lower Fees. Better Opportunities.

BankIQ manages a portfolio of multiple cannabis-friendly financial institutions. This redundancy in bank partners provides our clients the assurance of always maintaining banking services critical to their business, the ability to scale, and efficiencies that drive down costs, resulting in greater profits.
  • Cannabis-friendly bank accounts
  • Lowest fees in the industry
  • Accept payments via cash & pin-based debit
  • Nationwide vaulting & armored cash logistics
  • Overnight availability of funds
  • Cash handling equipment

Banking You Can Count On

Partnering with multiple cannabis-friendly financial institutions provides our clients with redundancy and security of maintaining reliable banking. BankIQ ensures that cannabis-friendly banking services are available, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In today’s volatile cannabis banking environment, multiple bank partners under one roof is vital to a successful cannabis related business.

Overnight Settlement Of Your Funds

BankIQ’s proprietary software provides overnight availability of funds via Provisional Posting. Next day availability of funds collected for each day’s sales activity allows cannabis related businesses to operate on less working capital, and create greater efficiencies which result in greater profitability.

National Armored Cash Logistics

Leverage BankIQ’s access to a network of licensed, insured, and reputable armored cash logistics service providers from any location in the US or territory. Armored vendors ensure a proper chain of custody for funds extracted from cannabis related businesses, while enhancing safety, security and service. Protecting our clients’ business and staff from the risks associated with transporting cash, allowing them to scale their business.

Industry-Leading Cash Handling Equipment

BankIQ maintains relationships with several of the industry leading cash handling equipment companies, providing the most effective and cost efficient hardware required for your businesses’ needs.