How It Works

We believe in transparency — and have simplified the process down to just a few simple steps.
  • Account Setup

    BankIQ is responsible for vetting all applicants for our partner financial institutions. We provide each applicant with a comprehensive checklist of all corporate and financial documentation required. Our team assists you in organizing your information for presentation to our partner financial institutions.
  • Collect & Store Cash

    Each of your locations will accept and store cash for daily sales activity in secure, technologically advanced cash handling equipment
  • Armored Cash

    An armored service provider arrives at each location to
    extract cash that will be counted, verified, and processed to the financial institution’s cash vault for credit to the merchant’s bank account
  • Overnight Availability
    of Funds

    BankIQ’s proprietary software provides clients the ability to receive overnight credit for daily sales activity, posted nightly to the merchant’s DDA Account

Bank With Confidence

  • Lowest banking fees in the industry
  • National vaulting coverage
  • Multiple cannabis-friendly banking partners
  • Reputable network of licensed armored carriers
  • Secure Cash Handling Equipment
  • Overnight Availability of Funds

Still Have Questions?

Get answers to questions we commonly receive about cannabis
related business banking