Cannabis-Related Business Bank Accounts

Cannabis related businesses rely on sustainable banking relationships. BankIQ’s portfolio of multiple cannabis-friendly bank partners insulates your business from the volatility of bank termination and adverse policy changes. BankIQ’s redundant, secure, cannabis-friendly banking partners ensures that your business does not have a single point of failure.

Overnight Availability of Funds

BankIQ’s proprietary software provides overnight availability of funds via Provisional Posting. Next day availability of funds collected for each day’s sales activity allows cannabis related businesses to increase rotation of capital, streamline cash flow, and create greater efficiencies which result in greater profitability.

Armored Cash Logistics

Armored vendors ensure a proper chain of custody for funds extracted from cannabis related businesses while enhancing safety, security and service. They protect our clients’ business and staff from the risks associated with transporting cash, allowing them to scale their business

Cash Handling Equipment

Working with BankIQ provides a merchant the independence to work with the cash handling equipment best suited to their volume and budget.